Ask for orders, Sale Closing is very important. You Must learn different type of sales closing. Always Ask for order. You must understand and found customers’ requirements and problems and then tell your customer your product/Service full fill their ABC requirements and solve their XYZ problem.  #Ask for order #Ask for order #Ask for order

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Author: Thamizharasu Gopalsamy
Author/ Reviewer: Thamizharasu is a renowned business coach committed to empowering entrepreneurs towards accelerated growth and success. His expertise spans business growth, sales, marketing, and human resource development. An avid reader and fitness enthusiast, he combines a holistic approach to personal well-being with professional growth. Thamizharasu aims to assist one million entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams faster than ever imagined. His insights blend innovative strategies with practical wisdom, making complex concepts accessible for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn more about his journey and Reach him: [email protected]

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