Generate Passive Income

“You are just living; Make a life now”

The time you wasted can’t be revisited. Time is not only precious but also sacred. Irrespective of the age, color, religion, occupation, and the place, each and every one of us get only 24 hours a day. And everyone wants to become rich! Who doesn’t need money here? No one, isn’t it? But, have you ever thought why some people are rich and many are poor? It’s easy to say several reasons, but the general scenario is that smarter people win.
Now again, think about the Time we lose every passing day. Can we utilize it to become rich? Why not? I know the question in your mind right now. Is it really possible? Again, my answer is “Why not?” Read below to know more…

Passive Income:

The name “Passive Income” itself says it all. Passive Income is the only way you can get richer and richer. It’s because it will make money while you sleep. Yes, it works for you while you are sleeping, enjoying your vacation with your family, enjoying your fun time with your friends, and so on. Yes, of course, it will make money while you are awake too! It’s possible because it’s automatic and it will just keep coming in. To put it simply, you are making your money work for you. EMPLOY YOUR MONEY TO BECOME RICHER.

But Wait…

Don’t misjudge that it will come that easy as it sounds. Setting up a passive income stream for yourself is far from easy. It will take an enormous effort, as well as time with low returns in the initial stages. Yes, it will surely put you to frustration. But, it doesn’t mean that the path can’t be smooth. With a financial advisor by your side, it’s possible!

Stop Living your Life; Start Making a Life Now!

Financial Adviser – As a Planner, As an Educator, A Partner

Thamizh, a financial advisor is ready to partner with you as your financial planner and an educator. Together with him, you will touch upon several topics like:

  1. Share trading
  2. Saving money
  3. Investing money
  4.  Money growing
  5. Opening accounts with India’s best broker

As an educator, Thamizh will give you deep insights into the money-based topics, thereby helping you understand what is needed to meet your financial goals. The process of education with Thamizh will start from the basics of finance like the importance of budgeting and saving. As you progress with him, he will guide you in understanding complex investments like share trading.

  • Professional advice only. Not selling any financial products.
  • What can you expect from our Financial Planning?
  • Thamizh will give advice on the following aspects:
  • What do you need to do things differently?
  • How much money do you need to save?
  • How much money should you keep in the emergency fund?
  • What rate of returns will you need to achieve your financial goals?
  • What level of investment risks is ideal for you?
  • What kind of investments can you make?
  • How to manage your investments?

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