Making Money Through Online Tutoring

Making Money Through Online Tutoring (Part-Time or Full-Time)

Today, online tutoring has become more popular. Whenever we scroll through our social media walls, we see a number of ads about online tutoring. The best thing about online tutoring is that if you have the knowledge and expertise to educate someone, you can actually exchange it for money. You can take it as your part-time job to add up to your income or you can do it full-time and make your living from the money earned.
Having said that, we need to think about the lesser-known side of the online tutoring, which is, “How to Become Successful?” Like any other business, not everyone entering the field is successful! Only the individuals, who find the right path, can be successful.

Three Biggest Problems Faced by New Online Tutors:

  • Technical Issues
  • Lack of Personal Bond with Students
  • Marketing

So, where do we find solutions for these biggest problems? Thamizh is offering you the solutions here.
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Online Tutoring to Solve the Problem of India:
Students in India don’t get several options when it comes to choosing their Tutor. Most of the times, tutors for the Indian students are selected by their parents based on two factors: (1) Popularity & (2) Feedback.
With online tuitions, students of India can surpass all the local & geographical boundaries. On the other hand, the boundaries will also be opened for the online tutors. Thus, online tutoring is two-way beneficial. With the availability of low-cost smartphones and access to the superfast 4G internet, online tutoring will become your lifeline. Start it right away!

Answering the Important Questions:

If you want to start it right, you need the answers to the following important questions:

  • What kind of subjects can you tutor?
  • What are the age groups to be targeted?
  • What software and tools do you require?
  • What kind of software should you use for recording your sessions?
  • How can you attract new clients? How can you enroll a large number of students?
  • Do you require any special licensing requirements to start-off?
  •  How much should you invest to generate a profit?

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