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Hello! My name is Thamizh, a renowned author, inspirational speaker, and the most sought-after business coach in Tamilnadu and leading business coach from India. As a fervent fitness enthusiast, I cultivate an energized mindset that I strive to pass on to each individual I mentor.

Having been born to an accomplished educationist, my roots are firmly planted in the fertile ground of learning and development. My journey spans over 20 years, during which I’ve honed my expertise in entrepreneurship and coaching, steadily becoming a beacon of wisdom and guidance in the business realm.

I’ve had the privilege to share my insights with more than 400 entrepreneurs from diverse fields such as retail, finance, textile, and engineering, helping them chart their path to success. Drawing from this rich tapestry of experiences, I’ve developed proven business tools, robust systems, and effective strategies.

Today, my mission is as clear as it is ambitious: to empower 100,000 entrepreneurs, guiding them towards achieving their goals and realizing their dreams. I am committed to lighting the way, and transforming your ambitions into a reality with reliable, time-tested business solutions. Join me on this transformative journey and witness your entrepreneurial vision come to life!

entrepreneurship was sown in me early on.

Throughout my illustrious career, I’ve had the privilege of guiding over 400 entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries, including retail, finance, textile, and engineering. Drawing upon this extensive experience, I have crafted proven tools, systems, and strategies to unlock the true potential of a business.

Now, I’m on an invigorating mission – to empower 100,000 entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. It is my firm belief that with the right guidance, every business aspirant can reach the pinnacle of success. Together, let’s embark on this journey of business excellence and make your entrepreneurial goals a tangible reality!


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Our Success Stories.

Mr. Thamizharasu is exceptional. Although I have attended many programs and trainings, I rank his business coaching program as the very best. He did not waste a single second and was well-prepared in all aspects. I would like to continue this association with him.

Mr. Gobi Ramanathan
Managing Director, Phoenix Industrial Technology

I initially thought his program was just another motivational program. However, while attending his program, I realized that it was not just another motivational course; Thamizh’s business coaching program is a life-changing experience. I learned how to run a company in a systematic way, how to elevate my business to the next level, and how to prepare my company for massive growth. He taught us using tools and templates for everything. His business coaching program is going to change my life, guaranteed. I urge all of you to join his program and benefit from it. Thank you.

Managing Director, BR Plastic Engineering

I am always eager to take my business to the next level. I found him on social media and immediately attended his program. Even though we have been in business for a long time, many things he taught were eye-opening. I had already attended programs by other coaches, but Thamizh’s business coaching program is the very best. For the first time, I understood why I do this business at a spiritual level. I would like to lead by example for many upcoming entrepreneurs. Thank you very much.

Mr. Selvakumar
Partner, STP Clothing
β€œDoes coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.”
Jack Welch
Former CEO of -GE

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