Many humans procrastinate. We often put off undesirable yet important tasks until the deadline and end up working on them at the last moment.  

When you work stressfully on completing your tasks at the last moment, you'll feel you should have started working on them earlier. Also, you may sometimes end up with a result that isn't as good as you expected.  

As an entrepreneur, if you procrastinate frequently, you'll have to face many negative consequences such as getting demotivated from achieving your goals, missing potential business growth opportunities, etc.  

In this blog, I have listed six actionable tips that you can use to stop procrastinating.  

Let's get into the blog!

1. Set goals 

Setting goals to achieve can help you stay away from procrastination.  

When you set a goal, break them into subgoals. This can help you stay motivated throughout your journey.  

Here's an example of how you can break your primary goal into subgoals.  

Say that you want to make 10 crore rupees in three years. In this case, you can set sub-goals to make about 28 lakh rupees each month.  

When setting goals, you should also ensure that they are realistic.  

In the above example, if you're starting from scratch, it's not possible to make 28 lakh rupees from the first month itself. In this case, you have to extend the time frame to achieve your primary goal and break it down into subgoals accordingly.

2. Keep yourself away from distractions  

Distractions can make you procrastinate. So, before you start working on a task, you should keep away from things that distract you.  

In today's time, social media, phone calls, messages, etc., are some of the distractions we have around us. Once we get distracted on either of these, we will probably feel like putting off our work for later.  

So, before you enter your workplace, I suggest you put your mobile in airplane mode. You can check your phone during your rest time, but don't overuse it such that it distracts you from your goals.  

If you have good self-control, you can overcome distractions and focus on achieving your goals. 

3. Create a schedule to complete your tasks 

If you want to achieve your goal, you should create a proper schedule with a list of the tasks to complete.  

Each day, you'll have a set of tasks to complete. These tasks may be directly related to your goal. Also, some tasks can be unexpected. If you create a schedule, you can work on your tasks more effectively.  

When creating a schedule, you should prioritize important tasks to be completed during the morning as you'll be fresher during the morning hours.  

During the afternoon hours, you can schedule to complete less important tasks.   

I would also like to mention that you shouldn't schedule to complete too many tasks in a day. If you do so, you can feel overwhelmed, which leads to demotivation. 

4. Set deadlines to achieve your goals 

During goal setting, you should ensure to set a deadline to achieve your goals.  

If you set goals without a specific deadline, you won't have a clear on what to do. This can lead you to procrastinate your tasks.  

In fact, creating a time-bound goal is one of the requirements of setting a SMART goal. By the way, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.  

An example of a SMART goal for a new entrepreneur is to make 10 crores in four years.

5. Convey to others about your goals 

When you tell people about your goals, you'll be more accountable. You can share your goal with the people important in your life, such as your family members.  

When you do so, your family members will enquire about your progress towards your goal. This accountability can help you stop procrastinating.  

Also, when you share your goals with the most important people in your life, you can expect them to stand with you during difficulties and help motivate you towards achieving your goals.

6. Reward yourself for your achievements  

Rewarding yourself for your achievements can help you stop procrastinating.  

For instance, in our previous example of making 10 crores in three years, you can reward yourself when you make 28 lakh rupees each month.    

Rewarding yourself need not be on monthly basis. It can be even on a task basis.  

If you complete a difficult task successfully, you can reward yourself. The reward could be as simple as gifting yourself your favorite burger.  

When you reward yourself, you'll be much more motivated to work on your end goal, which can help avoid procrastination. 


If you want to achieve success in your life, you should stop procrastinating.  

As humans, it's not possible to avoid procrastination altogether. However, it's possible to control it.   

Whenever you feel procrastinating, think of the consequences you have to go through because of doing so. Also, think about your goal and use the other six tips mentioned in this blog to stop procrastinating. 

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